About us

If you dream of living in an ecological, warm, aesthetic and durable environment, a log house is right for you. Log houses are preferred by people who value unconventionality and comfort.Therefore it is very important to pay respect to the surrounding environment and other often very individual client‘s requests when designing such a houses.

A-Z building is highly qualified Company with a very professional approach to its business working in Lithuania, Europe and Scandinavia. We have a great experience in manufacturing of wooden houses and other round and rectangular log buildings.

We design and build log dwelling houses, bathhouses, summerhouses, villas, garden and rest houses; manufacture wells, wooden outdoor furniture, build restaurants, small castles and so on. The works are carried out following typical or individual orders; we seek to adapt the house to the individual lifestyle and requirement of the client.We always do our best to be a good and reliable partner to our clients, pay maximum attention to their wishes, consult them and recommend the novelties.

Our employees that are highly qualified and have obtained licenses granted in different foreign countries will help you to realize your dreams. We are proud of our numerous customers, and they are proud of the building quality, efficiency, advice and the final results.

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Process at the factory


Outside works


Inside works